The First Book


Thanks for visiting this site. I’m excited to be here. Soon I will be releasing my first book for the world to enjoy some of my short stories and poems. It has been a long journey of sleepless nights and punching the keys and now here we are, the book is coming!

However, this is not just a site to promote the book, no, no. On this site I will share some of my other short stories and will also share some writing tips and open up discussions that will help improve your writing and mine too.

I have been known for doing work in Zambian theatre and Zambian film. I have written a good number of plays and screenplays that have received some good response from the general public. This has been a great motivation to me.

My first love has always been short story writing and this year, I decided to take a break from screenwriting and wrote some short stories and poems. One of my short stories, The Body, won second prize in the inaugural Zambian Writers Competition sponsored by Zambia Women Writers Association (ZAWWA).

My participation in this competition made me realise that there is writing talent in Zambia that remains untapped and I have vowed to do my best to expose this talent.

I look forward to a day when bookstores in Zambia, will have more Zambian books on their shelves.

Happy reading!


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