By my grandfather’s pelvic girdle, how can a normal man throw his whole weight on a two year old baby? What pleasure do you find in that? What leads a married man to defile his wife’s 13 year old sister? I mean what kind of a bugger are you? Your wife is available free of charge, 24/7 but you still risk everything by going for her sister? Some of you men need to have your heads or is it your pants checked.

By my grandfather’s toothless mouth, these cases of abuse better come to an end now or else I’ll go on a ‘forty days forty nights’ fasting to pray for the complete shut down of man’s libido. And my prayers are always answered. Or yes, this is no joke. It’s becoming dangerous for our daughters to live in this city.

With statistics indicating that more than ten cases of defilement are reported every week at the University Teaching hospital, I’m really getting worried. At the rate that we are going, schools will no longer be safe for our daughters, the workplace will no longer be safe for our daughters, hell, and even the home will no longer be safe for our daughters.

It’s not fair to be treated like a criminal when you go visiting a home that is full of young girls. If you just smile at the youngest daughter in that house, the parent will give you a look. Try to buy the little girl who calls you ‘uncle’ a sweet and the mother will wonder what the heck your motive is.

“Why have you given my daughter a sweet? I don’t want this kind of friendship! It better come to an end now!”

I’m forty, the child in question is four! What the blue blazes! But you know, we can’t blame the mothers, we can’t blame the fathers, for being extra careful. You know these days you can’t trust anyone.

I think what we should do is make the punishment for defilers much stiffer. Apart from sentencing the monsters to 25 years with hard labour, they should also be made to face the executioner. And this won’t be your ordinary executioner who hangs you by the neck until you are pronounced dead. This will be a special kind who will only be dealing with defilers. His job will be simple. He will be chopping off their weapons of mass destruction. He will be called Dickson Carter.

So, if you are found guilty of sexual abuse – rape, defilement etc… be ready to come face to face with Dick Carter…

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