A Show of Sadness

From the 30th of July to the 3rd of August 2009, Lusaka was abuzz with the show craziness. Families, friends and enemies all headed to the showgrounds to mingle and be merry. It was not the case with me. I lost my good friend, Tandeo.

Yeah, the bugger died at the showgrounds before it was even opened to the public.

He died instantly after being hit by the showgrounds train. It was hit and run.

By my grandfather’s ribs, who would have thought that that paperweight imitation of a train would kill someone? To make matters worse the damn thing was empty. I mean how could an empty show train bump and kill a grown man who has fathered five kids with five different women? And he was sober.

May be the fact that the bugger had not eaten for five straight days had something to do with it. Oh yes, while thousands if not millions of people gathered at the showgrounds to spend millions of the same old sh!t that is exhibited every year under the guise of a new hopeless theme, thousands of people like my friend Tandeo continued languishing in poverty. I mean what the hell is there to exhibit? What the hell did they mean by the theme “Challenge of Change?” I tell you it’s still a challenge putting more money in my pockets, that’s what.

I mean isn’t it a sheer waste of resources putting up the same old exhibits, the same old performances, the same old this, the same old that? Even the big fat cow is the same old one from previous years!

Why not make a change in someone’s life by buying them some food or increasing their salary? It’s a big challenge, huh? Better than wasting money putting up an exhibition of things most of which we don’t produce locally.

Goodness gracious me, some of the things that were exhibited didn’t even deserve to be at the show. How the hell do you have a stand exhibiting towels and soaps stolen from hotels, motels, lodges and brothels? This is serious. Some guy was exhibiting a whole bunch of stolen towels. He called them souvenirs. He had towels from Pamodzi Hotel, Intercontinental hotel, The Sheraton Hotel, The Hilton Hotel, Bauleni Sweeties Brothel, Ba Brother Motel etc.

Truthfully speaking the whole show is one hell of a boring event for me.

Motor cycles speeding and flying up in the sky and the crowd goes wild!


Pretty girls dressed in short skirts doing fancy moves in rhythm with the music. They are such a marvel to watch!


Local celebrities taking pictures with their fans! Oh it’s such a great time!

To hell! It’s all boring!

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