The next Black Panther

I wish I played Black Panther. I wouldn’t have to worry about learning the African accent. Wait a minute, there’s no one African accent! Africans speak English in different accents. Zimbabweans have their own accent, West Africans have their own accent, East Africans have their own accent.

But still I’d want to play T’chala. You see, in the movie I couldn’t tell which part of Africa the accent Chadwick Boseman used was from. M’baku portrayed by Winston Duke had a recognisable West African accent and he did it very well.

On the other hand, with me as Black Panther, the director would be spoiled for choice with accents because in Zambia we have many English accents. We have the Tonga accent, Chewa accent, Bemba accent, Lozi accent, and my favourite of them all, the Tumbuka accent. Imagine T’chala speaking in Tumbuka accent! Now that would be an original African super hero!!

So Ryan Coogler, bwana director, for Black Panther 2, get in touch with me. I’m ready. Just check out how perfectly I fit in the costume.

Black-Panther-poster-main HJS

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