Why Chansa Chansa Stopped Stealing (He narrated this story to me)

One day, I decided to steal some oranges from an orchard that was located near our home. From the blues, like bird poop, a security guard appeared from and started chasing me. I ran away, passing through backyard gardens and stepping on vegetables. I ran to a house where I came face to face with a fierce dog that barked at me and chased me. I ran like a scared lion running away from a pack of wild dogs! I have never run like that before in my life….

Stepping on ma vegetables mu minda zabene….until I managed to lose the dog, but went straight into the path of another dog that chased me too… and the guard was still following me…

I managed to reach home and ran inside to the bedroom and hid under the bed.

I only came out from under the bed when mum called me to go and have my supper.

I got to the dining room and before I could wash my hands mum said: “Are you not greeting our visitor?”

It was the security guard!!

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