Batto: A Rising Super Star

batto1Zambia has many talented musicians with a lot of potential to make it big in the music industry. Batto stands out as one to go beyond the skies with his unique sound.

With a few singles to his credit and a music video that has made some rounds on local TV and social media, Batto sings with passion and his instrumentation can be described as a fusion of the old and new sound. He blends lyrics in local language and English and spices up his powerful but melodious voice with captivating yet simple lyrics.

Ngosa is one song by Batto that stands out among the songs he has produced so far. It’s a love song in which he expresses his love to a girl named Ngosa. Listening to this song will make an avid Zambian music follower reminiscence about the sounds of greats such as Ballad Zulu and Ackim Simukonda. The song has a tinge of a kalimba, a thumping African drum, and strings enough to give you goose bumps. Ngosa is surely a beautiful song that begs for more airplay on both radio and TV.

Other songs  produced by Batto include, Her Heart, Enough, I’m a Champion and Falling Like Rain.

“Everything inspires my music but mostly to get my music genes working I watch movies, and I allow myself to experience life to pick out those rare moments that I or someone else may encounter,” he said when asked what inspired his music.

Batto says he started singing when he was 8 years old and did his first recording way back in the 2009 and from that time to date he has been improving his skills in music production

Although his music can be described as Zambian R’n’B or Soul he traces his influences from a musician who is in a totally different genre.

“I look up to Eminem because of one reason – he sings with a lot of emotion and many people relate to his music. I have always wanted to share my emotions with the world through my music,” he said.

Batto’s music is sure breaking boundaries and going beyond borders through his work on Zambezi Magic TV drama series and movies such as #Mfuti and #ZedMan for which he created and composed the theme music and soundtracks.

With hard work and dedication, Batto is surely headed to the top.

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