Tangila Trail Run: Beautiful Scenes

Five kilometres into my 22Km trail run I came upon a breathtaking site of a mountain and a dam. It was beautiful and serene. Bush green and savanna Brown colours spread across the magnificent high lands under the blue partly cloudy Mkushi sky.

#Tangila is truly a hidden diamond in the rough.

I was dazed and intoxicated by the beauty like a teen falling in love for the first time. The virgin lands are a marvel to watch.

Inspiration flowed in my veins and my mind started creating stories and movie scenes. I saw love stories, action movies, comedies set in this beautiful location.

As I ran through the bush, pushing the kilometres away, I found myself all alone. Animal poop on the ground, the trees humming (and talking to me), I felt like a character in a horror movie.

It all added to the Tangila experience!

The Tangila Trail Run was tough and challenging but it reminded me that running is more that just the numbers, the pace, the personal best records and the medals.

Each run is a whole new experience with beautiful discoveries and personal growth. After all our memories partly define who we are.

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