Joe Swax – Talented Rapper and Actor

The Zambian film industry is gaining ground and as it grows, many young talented artists are coming up and showcasing some of the best acting skills. Audiences within and beyond Zambia borers are left begging for more.  One such artiste is none other than Joel Sakala Junior aka Joe Swax.

30420587_2415574831801840_4827073686879605729_oSwax is well known as an actor. He has featured in a number of local productions like the blockbuster movie Red Bag and GBV themed LSK Heroes. Others are Muvi TV hit series Brothers, and Dancers. In 2017, after a stint in the music industry, Swax returned and revived his acting career in the Zambezi Magic TV series Mfuti. Swax created a near cult figure with his portrayal of the crooked but lovable character called Sevente in the action packed series.

Perhaps his biggest role yet is the crazy, violent and clumsy Spirits in the recently released movie ZedMan. In this movie, Swax teamed up with old time favourite co-star and veteran actor Tommy Lungu who was also his big bwana in the Red Bag. The Chemistry between the two stems from their first collaboration in the dance drama series Dancers.


Apart from having a passion for movies, Joe Swax is into music. His hip-hop and RnB mix-tape entitled Kafue Hustle was released in 2016 and has enjoyed relatively good airplay on radio and TV.

Swax says he uses music and movies to speak his mind and to spread different messages that are close to his heart and above all to entertain the masses.

“My music is personal. That’s my platform, my chance to speak from the heart while movies… in as much as I’m portraying someone else’s story and I ideas, I’m also careful in the way I choose the productions I participate in. They have to be very entertaining and they have to leave an impact on the audience… make someone laugh, change someone’s life,” he said.

Swax can be described as a balloon pumped up with so many goodies to offer and about to blow. Look out for him in an upcoming Zambezi Magic production (Title to be unveiled soon) and keep your ears open, you might just hear one of his songs playing on radio.


2 thoughts on “Joe Swax – Talented Rapper and Actor

  1. That is my man- Joel Swax! Give him a script, a scenario, Wooooow!,you will see beyond sight. This guy is a ‘ kaboom’ …so talented. Keep on, keeping on, Joel!


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